Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mile HiGh!

Having to see shit get stripped from every decent source, and losing our most valuable resources can be very weighing. But times like this give hope and light to what I get into, and wish others would too.
This shit is too ill! This was the sunset on Sat. at the continental divide In Karlarado. It was the day of my friend's memorial/wake. and I chose to go play instead.
I'm pretty sure thats what he would of wanted me to do. I met alot of cool folks, and a bunch ov brads, but all in all, it was a kick in the ass. High lights include meeting Mike Gordon, (Just kidding he's a schmuck) being back stage with spearhead, The roots, Dave Matthews, Josh Ritter, and pretending to be Mikey Franti to get a free beer! ha! And then the next Night I said I was Black Thought And I just got off stage. I really was expecting the bar keep to be like" Shut up buddy! Back of the line!" So yeah, Me 5'7 1/2 Half Mexican. Both them cats Black as hell! Franti is like 6'4, with dreads!
What evs free beer.
Flogging Molly was by far the best show tho. I just wish I could catch them at a hole in the wall somewhere. I need that In your face Irish punk/folk that almost makes you almost cry, and then smash the person next to you.
Also during the sunset I turned 180 degrees and saw 1 cloud on fire!
I am convinced It was my boy topp saying, its cool I missed the memorial, and He was there with me! I have a new found love for Denver, despite all the rednex, crackheads, and Hot ass weather. The people out there are doing the best they can with what they have. I didn't meet 1 asshole or bitch.
Except Mr. Gordon. He looks like a cho-mo
Acts like a punk
And probably is both.

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Chloe Gallagher said...

top would have been happy that you went on the trip, squash blossom. the sunset pictures are so beautiful! i'm glad that you did that on your own, its a good kind of traveling experience. i'm so proud of you friend, you really know how to live life well....