Thursday, August 28, 2008

Squaw Lake

The family camping trip that separated the men from the boys and girls from woman.
Besides the power hike to get into the camp, if your a first timmer, you get at least i water trip that involves a canoe, a lake pump, a small hike and of corse the water weight. This year was my 3rd, and i caught the last 3 days. It was different because I got the "Pack it out " part, and I had never been apart of that. (Holy crap, its not easy)
But of all the hard work, the benefits are Lee's fuckin dope cooking, Coins musicals, Bears every night. rope swings, late night canoe trips, eating rattle snake, fishing, hiking, Boozing, smoking, lots of doggs, family. Again another fine 10 days of wonderful people, and mother nature (and Big foot). Mente really suck's this year. I had to serenade myself by moonlight.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Charm City

Good ol B-more is always a good time for me. Im pretty spoiled when Im there, But i respect the ways of the street when in there (Some what), because hey.....who wants to get mowed down, beat up, raped, stabbed, and thrown in the harbor. Its really mostly Slums. Row housing with rats the size of small dogs roam the allies, and they do not get out of your way when you approach them. Its there fuckin alley after all. Besides that there are a large amount of crack smoking zombies that drag themselves around and look of ANY way to get high. Scary place to live, but a great place to go write on shit. No one really cares If you are on a mail box getting a wall, or you have your ass hiked up a stop sign. As long as you are out of the blinky blue lights (Cameras) Then your okay.
Besides catching a shit pot ov wreck while I was there I got to Rage a birthday Party with a down ass Partner of mine. And then we met up 3 days later and did it again. Good times...Scary city.

BlackSheep 08

It was a different year all around for me. Iv asked alot of people how there weekend was, and some said It was the best one yet. And other's pulled there wrist bands off Sat. night. For me there was a major list of high caliber people missing from my camp, and the festie all together. The music was well......... I liked maybe three bands. It seemed like every couple was at each other, and even dear friends were fussing about senseless shit. And others were fussing about not so senseless shit. One super good thing that I did notice is that every one 4 foot and under was having a BLAST! The kids were loving it all, and I guess thats what its about. I believe alot of people miss that. Adults trying to have fun in there element, and kids doing it naturally in any element. The last day my son ran around in footie pajamas all day. I got some tight black mail flix when he gets about 18 hahaha.

Barraling along with HellaLove

I turned 33 at the end of July, and It was filled with a trip so S. Oregon to chill with family, a night of fajitas, a canoe ride down the rouge, and of coarse getting schwilly every night. 33 for me so far feels alot like 28. After I got my ankel surgery I feel like I knocked off a few years. However things like the hommie Sauce, and kade will always add a few gray hairs.

But at any rate it went well, and we ate good, and I sunburnt my shins (Dont ask).

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mile HiGh!

Having to see shit get stripped from every decent source, and losing our most valuable resources can be very weighing. But times like this give hope and light to what I get into, and wish others would too.
This shit is too ill! This was the sunset on Sat. at the continental divide In Karlarado. It was the day of my friend's memorial/wake. and I chose to go play instead.
I'm pretty sure thats what he would of wanted me to do. I met alot of cool folks, and a bunch ov brads, but all in all, it was a kick in the ass. High lights include meeting Mike Gordon, (Just kidding he's a schmuck) being back stage with spearhead, The roots, Dave Matthews, Josh Ritter, and pretending to be Mikey Franti to get a free beer! ha! And then the next Night I said I was Black Thought And I just got off stage. I really was expecting the bar keep to be like" Shut up buddy! Back of the line!" So yeah, Me 5'7 1/2 Half Mexican. Both them cats Black as hell! Franti is like 6'4, with dreads!
What evs free beer.
Flogging Molly was by far the best show tho. I just wish I could catch them at a hole in the wall somewhere. I need that In your face Irish punk/folk that almost makes you almost cry, and then smash the person next to you.
Also during the sunset I turned 180 degrees and saw 1 cloud on fire!
I am convinced It was my boy topp saying, its cool I missed the memorial, and He was there with me! I have a new found love for Denver, despite all the rednex, crackheads, and Hot ass weather. The people out there are doing the best they can with what they have. I didn't meet 1 asshole or bitch.
Except Mr. Gordon. He looks like a cho-mo
Acts like a punk
And probably is both.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

R.I.P. Topper

Country fair has always been about Family, friends, good food, and of coarse the party. This year everything was in perfect order, until Monday morning.
I was told the news of my friend passing away In his sleep the night before, and his mother finding him that morning. First reaction was plain fuckin RAGE! I threw a beer can across the camp ground, and started walking away from everyone (Everyone deals with this news differently). I thought I could walk it off some how. I was wrong My heart hurt sooo bad I literaly buckled into a sobbing pile.
Another soldier gone in my life, but he was a different kind. He had LOVE for everything, even people that ripped him off and hurt him.
I always seen a ear to ear smile on his face upon meeting him in any circumstance. Even when
I know he was hurting. He confessed to me one time about his habits. And told me he "wasn't sure how he got this far" and that he wanted to let me know he would be okay. That was 2 years ago.
I never had a friend coach me through depression like he did. Most people will tell you things will get better with time, he didn't. He went with me on a journey that was suppose to freak me the fuck out. It didn't, It showed me clarity In myself, and how to heal faster.
I miss my friend. The last thing he said to me was "Thank you for everything you do brother, I love you" gave me a big hug and was In the wind.
Today I'm using every bit of teaching he put down to get me through this.
Hopefully fair next year will be better, but always in my mind Monday morning will be a little blue.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The REAL Summer!

I have officially took a blood oath into enjoying my summer "by all means nessacary". Fair, Karlarado Mile high, Black sheep, Baltimore B-day, Squaw lake, Seattle Bumpershoot. If I came back from all this still a wet blanket, I should probobly just go check myself into a ol-folks home.
My major highlights Im looking foward to are meeting Bill Kreutzmann In craft lot where I camp @ fair.
Than Being Back stage @mile high with the roots. At Black sheep a song request of one of my favorite dead songs of all time. Shirly the no pants having hooker rope swing @Squaw lake...Just to name a few, Ill try to document it all with flix.
Until then, Be good and be good at it.