Friday, August 22, 2008

Charm City

Good ol B-more is always a good time for me. Im pretty spoiled when Im there, But i respect the ways of the street when in there (Some what), because hey.....who wants to get mowed down, beat up, raped, stabbed, and thrown in the harbor. Its really mostly Slums. Row housing with rats the size of small dogs roam the allies, and they do not get out of your way when you approach them. Its there fuckin alley after all. Besides that there are a large amount of crack smoking zombies that drag themselves around and look of ANY way to get high. Scary place to live, but a great place to go write on shit. No one really cares If you are on a mail box getting a wall, or you have your ass hiked up a stop sign. As long as you are out of the blinky blue lights (Cameras) Then your okay.
Besides catching a shit pot ov wreck while I was there I got to Rage a birthday Party with a down ass Partner of mine. And then we met up 3 days later and did it again. Good times...Scary city.

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