Thursday, August 28, 2008

Squaw Lake

The family camping trip that separated the men from the boys and girls from woman.
Besides the power hike to get into the camp, if your a first timmer, you get at least i water trip that involves a canoe, a lake pump, a small hike and of corse the water weight. This year was my 3rd, and i caught the last 3 days. It was different because I got the "Pack it out " part, and I had never been apart of that. (Holy crap, its not easy)
But of all the hard work, the benefits are Lee's fuckin dope cooking, Coins musicals, Bears every night. rope swings, late night canoe trips, eating rattle snake, fishing, hiking, Boozing, smoking, lots of doggs, family. Again another fine 10 days of wonderful people, and mother nature (and Big foot). Mente really suck's this year. I had to serenade myself by moonlight.

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Chloe Gallagher said...

Skwaaaaa Lake? That's old news, good shit, but old news. Keep writing, Sonny Dunny.