Friday, August 22, 2008

BlackSheep 08

It was a different year all around for me. Iv asked alot of people how there weekend was, and some said It was the best one yet. And other's pulled there wrist bands off Sat. night. For me there was a major list of high caliber people missing from my camp, and the festie all together. The music was well......... I liked maybe three bands. It seemed like every couple was at each other, and even dear friends were fussing about senseless shit. And others were fussing about not so senseless shit. One super good thing that I did notice is that every one 4 foot and under was having a BLAST! The kids were loving it all, and I guess thats what its about. I believe alot of people miss that. Adults trying to have fun in there element, and kids doing it naturally in any element. The last day my son ran around in footie pajamas all day. I got some tight black mail flix when he gets about 18 hahaha.

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